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About MSTYP's Drama Centre

Our mission is to enrich the lives of young people by connecting them to the transformative power of live performance.

Our students are in a process of finding out - of discovery – about themselves and their world. As well as teaching them about acting and drama, we have the opportunity to open them up to the idea that they are creative beings in the world. Theatre and performance can be a reflective vehicle for bold artistic ideas.

Our drama training combines body, voice, story and space.

We invite our students to participate in the creation of theatre performance. What we think of when we learn to act is really about listening to others, and ourselves. Making art is a way of knowing yourself.

Our Drama Centre...

MSTYP has been a leader in theatre education since 1969, offering workshops for ages five to adults, where young people can learn in a professional theatre environment. 

What We Value

Joy - Making and experiencing theatre is a gift. As a learner, performer, technician or facilitator we will endeavor to make our processes joyous experiences.

Creativity - We commit to ensuring that creativity and a creative mindset are the driving forces behind all of our work.

Courage - Like many arts companies, MSTYP has limited resources. We will commit to thinking outside of our limitations, to make bold artistic decisions and think outside of our obvious limitations.

Spirit - MSTYP is a spiritual place, a place that connects people across countries and generations.  We consider the people that form our company and care deeply about where we’ve come from and our future.

Excellence - We commit to ensure that everything we present and teach, every artist we work with is of the highest quality.

Opportunity - We are committed to providing significant opportunities for advancement for young people and emerging artists.

Why is Drama Relevant?

Creative thinking, collaboration and imagination will be at the forefront of skills required for a 21st Century world. MSTYP uses theatre training alongside live performance to magnify and amplify the stories and questions of our world.

Our company asks its participants to imagine the possibilities within the world they are growing up in; to think artistically, critically and creatively, and use theatre as an interpretative lens in their roles as active global citizens.


1) Weekly Classes:

      a) 5 - 12 years Discover Drama

      b) 12 - 18 years Find Your Tribe

2) Holiday Workshops

3) Accessible Classes for young people with an intellectual disability


In conjunction with our Drama Centre, each year MSTYP produces a professional season of work, presenting 3 shows per year. 

Our productions, often based on classic stories, provide our young people the chance to experience working and perfoming in a professional theatre environment led by industry professionals. 

Check out our audition page to see what's coming up and how to get involved.