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Drama Workshops in April and Term 2 are now Live and Online! Interactive Drama in your home.

The Transformative Power of Live Performance

Drama training combines body, voice, story and space. Learning to act is really about listening to others, and ourselves, and we believe in teaching more than just the foundations of performing. So we also introduce young people to other behind-the-scenes creative disciplines. 

Creative thinking, collaboration and imagination will be at the forefront of skills required for a 21st Century world. Our organisation asks its participants to imagine the possibilities within the world they are growing up in; to think artistically, critically and creatively, and use theatre as an interpretative lens in their roles as active global citizens. Theatre and performance can be a reflective vehicle for bold artistic ideas.

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MSTYP is a Not-For-Profit, and places the wellbeing of children and young people at the centre of everything we do. Our Term 2 classes are heavily discounted (up to 50% off), to ensure our regular students can still come back in this volatile economic climate.