Please note there are different terms and conditions for our weekly classes and holiday workshops.


Check out our Online Classes FAQ’s here.


General Drama Questions



What is your cancellation policy?  If you contact us more than 4 weeks prior to your first class, then we can provide a full refund. Otherwise, cancellation fees do apply. Please see our terms and conditions.

We can offer students to transfer to a different class, including later in the year, if there is still space.


My child is quite shy – will drama be OK for them?  

100% yes! Many parents enrol their children in drama to develop confidence and speaking skills. Our teachers are very experienced at working with a range of needs and we often get shy students.


What do they do in the classes?   

Each class begins with a vocal and physical warm up, often including relaxation or focus exercises. Vocal technique exercises help prepare students for speaking on stage so they can be heard, and physical exercises help with how to move for performance and characterisation. Each class works on prepared pieces as well as improvisation, working both in pairs and in groups. Different age groups and levels work on different exercises, for instance, many of the older students will work with scripts. Tutors will often tailor class plans and exercises to suit the needs of the students. Often what appear to be simple games are really key exercises that develop the foundations of performance skills.


My child has no experience in drama, will they be OK to enrol?  

Of course! Many of our new students have never tried drama before. If you need more information, please do call our office. We love speaking to new parents and students.


My child has lots of experience – can they join the Advanced class?  

Yes – if you’re worried about how much experience is needed to join the advanced classes, just give the office a buzz for a bit of advice. 9880 2356


Where are the classes? What time are they on?   

Our timetable with the dates, times, location and age groups for the classes can be found here online.


Can I enrol over the phone?   

Of course! Give us a buzz: 9880 2356. We are a small office, so if we’re not in please leave us a message and we will call you back.



I’m not sure my child would like drama – what happen if they do one class and change their mind? 


If you’re really unsure, we would recommend enrolling for a trial class. Once you have commenced the term and have paid the fees for this, there are no refunds unfortunately.

My child has special needs – can I enrol them?   

We recommend to give us a call in the office so we can help place students in the best class for them: 9880 2356 or info@mstyp.org.au. We have an accessible class for young people aged 18+ with a mild to moderate intellectual disability – we welcome new students into this class, but always need to speak to carers or new students in advance.


Do you do have working with children checks?  

Every employee and volunteer at our organisation has a current NSW Working With Children Check.


My child will be a bit too young/old for the class, is that OK?  

It depends. Best to check with the office first: 9880 2356 or info@mstyp.org.au


I’m not sure which age group to put my child in…  

Why not give us a call or send us an email so we can make a suggestion? 9880 2356 or info@mstyp.org.au.


Are these Musical Theatre Classes?  

Yes – our classes run on a Tuesday. See the schedule and enrol online!


Do you teach screen acting?  

Sometimes – check the class timetable for more details. Our focus is primarily on live performance.


Do you do classes for adults?  

Sometimes – check the class timetable for more details.

The class I want to enrol in is full! What do we do?  

Join the waitlist! We will get in contact if a place becomes available.


Is it OK for them to enrol by themselves?  

Yes, and most students do! Some students do enrol with a friend or sibling. We always work to make all students feel welcome.


Do the parents stay for the class?  

We ask parents to wait outside during the class. This helps create a safe space for young people to express themselves creatively.


Is there a performance?  

Yes! There’s a performance at the end of the year for most of our classes. We sent through details closer to the time.


Do you accept cash payments?  

Unfortunately not. If you would like to make a direct deposit, you can arrange this with the office: info@mstyp.org.au or 9880 2356


How late can we enrol?  

We close enrolments once the classes have started – so 5 mins before! You do have to book in advance though, we do not accept walk-ups.



Weekly Classes


Can we do a trial? Yes, we do offer trial of our weekly classes. Sometimes we also do Trial Drama Days. Please find out more about trial classes here.
Can we do make up lessons?   

Unfortunately not – many classes get full so we can’t unfortunately cater for them. We don’t refund for missed classes.


We’re going to miss a class – can we get a discount?   

Usually not. However if you know prior to the start of the term please call our office if you’d like to chat further: 9880 2356


Can we enrol once term has started?  

If it is near the beginning of term, we do sometimes accept new enrolments. However we need to process these over the phone as they usually aren’t available online: 9880 2356


Can we change classes part way through the year?  

Usually yes (depending on availability), though we try not to as it can disrupt the consistency of the teaching they receive.  Ask the office if you’d like more information.


Can we transfer to another term?  

Sometimes, but give us a call to find out: 9880 2356


Do the classes often book out?  

Yes! We always recommend booking in early



Holiday Workshops


Can we do a trial?  

No – we do not offer trial classes for our holiday workshops.


Do we have to do all 5 days?  

Yes. However if there is space a few days prior to the workshops starting, we sometimes accept students who can only participate for 3 or 4 of the days. Give the office a call and we can place you on the waiting list and we will let you know. There is often a performance at the end of the week so we do need to ensure it fits with what the class is working on.



Oops – I don’t think we can make it anymore. Can we swap to a workshop later in the year?


Sometimes – give the office a call to find out: 9880 2356. Please be aware that prices and times can change throughout the year.




Anything else? Get in contact! 9880 2356 or info@mstyp.org.au. We love speaking to new students and their families.