Free Online Drama Taster

Try a Drama Class – right now!

This is a 25 minute, online drama class. It is designed for students who have never done drama before to give it a go at home.


Our drama is usually done live with a small class (and interactive, even the online classes!). This way you can see other students, interact with them and with the teaching artists.


Get Prepared


  • Wear comfy clothes and have some space around you
  • Bring 1) a piece of fabric (a towel or scarf will do) and 2) a pair of swimming goggles or¬†bandanna (for one of the exercises)
  • Use your computer sound, not headphones…so you can move around!


Parents – you can join in too!


Why these Exercises?


What looks like simple games, actually touch on the underlying principals of drama, including:

  • speech and movement exercises to be confident and heard on stage
  • overcoming fear by being silly
  • creative problem solving

Remember – there is no right or wrong answer.



Drama Classes and Workshops


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