Marian St Theatre for Young People

Creative Kids

Save $100 on Drama Classes

The NSW government is giving every student a $100 voucher for creative programs (like our Drama Classes). We're accredited!

How do you use it? Simply enrol in one of our drama programs, and then send us the voucher for us to refund you $100.

Register for your voucher here.

How do you redeem your voucher?

Some classes now accept the voucher online during the enrolment process.

The easy way

Just enrol in a class! Once you've paid, send us valid voucher details. When we've redeemed the voucher from the NSW government, we will refund $100. 

Alternate method

Email us:

1) Your child's full name
2) Date of Birth and
3) Creative Kids Voucher number
4) Which class you wish to use it for.

Once we've validated the voucher we'll email you through a unique discount code. 

Any questions, please don't hesitate to get in contact. You can email us at or call us on 9411 1800.

What's the fine print?

Each voucher is for

Once you have sent us the voucher and we have redeemed it, the transation is final.