Marian St Theatre for Young People

Philip Pullman's Grimm Tales

Adapted for the stage by Philip Wilson

Directed by Chelsea Zeller and Laura Gava

15th Jan - 22nd Feb 2020

"The perfect experimental formula for children's storytelling." - Read the review from Weekend Notes
They’re dark, they’re funny…they’re Grimm.

Step into an enchanting world of princesses, hunters, wolves and wicked stepmothers.
Wander through a backstage maze at Glen Street Theatre in this immersive theatre performance, guided by the company of young artists at Marian St Theatre for Young People. 

Get inside classic stories like Little Red Riding HoodRapunzel and Hansel and Gretel, but watch you don’t end up in the oven!

In the deep, dark woods, who knows what you'll find?

There are two magical sets of tales:

SET 1 includes:


SET 2 includes:

You will go on a magical journey around Glen Street Theatre, and see 3 to 4 short plays within each set.

Please note that due to the nature of the performance, audience members will not see every single piece within each set.

See both for a discounted price! 

Rediscover these classics and find out why we still tell these stories after hundreds of years.

Friday 17 Jan - accessible performance (no stairs)

Friday 24 Jan - accessible (no stairs) and relaxed performance (an ideal environment for those with a disability, or anyone who prefers a more relaxed environment. Lighting is left on, and you are very welcome to come and go from the theatre is you need).

Saturday 15 Feb - accessible performance (no stairs)

Education Booking Information



Double Pass
$20 per ticket, if you buy a ticket for set 1 and set 2

Bookings via Glen Street Theatre. Transaction charges may apply. Please note, no prams will be allowed on the journey, babies and children need to walk or be carried. Prams can be left in the foyer.

Philip Pullman's Grimm Tales


Are there a lot of stairs?
There are 4 short flights of stairs (about 50 all together) during the show. These are taken in small increments, and moves slowly throughout the venues.

Performances on Fridays and on Saturday the 15th Feb have no stairs. 

Do I have to stand up the whole time?
No. Grimms is a journey (but we don’t want it to be an arduous one). There is seating available for those that need it in each of the rooms.

Does it go ahead if it rains?
Yes - there are wet weather alternatives.

What does an ‘immersive show’ mean exactly?
An immersive show is just like how it sounds – you’re immersed in the action (don’t worry though, you don't have to do any audience participation if you don't want). You, the audience move around the building, guided by our storytellers, and literally sit in amongst the action, which happens in front, behind and all around you.
Is there a show without stairs?
YES! Our Friday shows, Saturday the 15th Feb, are fully wheelchair accessible, meaning that there are no stairs.
Which set do I choose?
It depends. In both sets you will go on a magical journey backstage at Glen Street Theatre, seeing 3 to 4 short plays within each set. Set 1 includes Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood and Hans my Hedgehog. Set 2 includes The Frog King, Hansel and Gretel and the Three Little Men in the Woods. Please note that due to the nature of the performance, audience members will not see every single piece within each set.